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Magnetic roll holder

Magnetic roll holder

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Hands free for travel reading

So the roll is always at hand.
Super easy when things have to go quickly.

  • magnetic holder in the lid
  • stays in place even while driving
  • easy roll changing thanks to magnetic closure


When not in use or while driving, the roll sticks to the underside of the lid and is therefore safely stowed away. During the session, thanks to the magnet, you can simply hang the roll on the front of the box closure or on any other magnetically active metal surface. This way you never have to look for the paper when you need it.

To change the roll, simply pull the cord apart, thread it into the new paper roll, snap the magnet shut and you're done.


  • Cord: textile-covered elastic band
  • Wooden elements: Pine (FSC certified)
  • Weight: 0.5kg

scope of delivery

A roll holder ready to go.
There is also a self-adhesive metal strip and a template that you can use to position it correctly on the lid later.

Delivery time: approx. 20 days

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