A spirit of adventure without compromise

No matter whether it's a desert expedition or just a short trip to the nearest coast.
With your northbox you can stay in the best spots in the world for as long as you want.
And leaves it as wild and untouched as you found it.

high quality and robust

No more plastic! Aluminum is light and durable, making it the perfect material for long-lasting travel equipment. Northbox combines the proven aluminum box with high-quality workmanship with elements made of wood and recyclable plastics to create an indestructible travel companion.

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one box - many functions

Whether as a seat by the campfire, as a table at a coffee stop with a view or as a practical solution for an urgent need: the northbox is multifunctional and completely discreet, because its actual use is not visible from the outside. It is odor-proof thanks to the silicone seal and sealed seams.

With the magnetic wooden cover, the box turns into a casual piece of furniture and sitting on it is even more comfortable.

to the magnetic wooden cover

  • compact and safe

    The northbox is wonderfully light and, thanks to its compact dimensions, fits in or on any motorhome. The silicone seal on the lid and the sealed seams make it not only odorproof but also dustproof. The slosh protection on the urine tank ensures that everything stays where it belongs, even on rough slopes.

  • environmentally friendly and self-sufficient

    The northbox works without fresh water and without chemical additives. This is not only better for nature, but also allows you to dispose of it easily. This way you stay independent and also save weight.

  • 100% outdoor proof 

    The northbox can withstand all weather conditions and is therefore perfect for traveling on the roof rack. Because aluminum is permanently UV-resistant and, unlike plastic, does not become brittle due to sunlight. The box doesn't mind being wet either, which is why you can use it as a seat even on damp floors.

4X4PASSION takes a closer look at our expedition.

  • Thats how it works:

    Urine collects in the canister and can easily be disposed of via a normal toilet or wastewater.
    The solids are collected in the bucket and later disposed of with residual waste or composted.
    The separating toilet can be used for several days without having to be emptied.
    It is compact, light and extremely easy to handle.

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