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northbox - expedition

northbox - expedition

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northbox - expedition

  • compact and ultra light
  • weatherproof aluminum box
  • airtight sealable lid
  • including 10 liter urine tank
  • Includes storage container for accessories
  • environmentally friendly use without water and chemicals


  • L 41.5 x W 34 x H 40.5 cm
  • 10L urine tank
  • 6.5 liter solids container
  • 4.5 liter storage container
  • Weight: 4.7 kg → also lightweight!


The northbox expedition is slightly higher than the northbox tour. Tall people in particular will appreciate these few centimeters because they make it a little more comfortable to sit on. The 10 liter urine tank offers particular advantages for families and people who pee a lot. It also increases flexibility on longer tours in remote areas, as it simply has to be emptied less often.

Thanks to the height gained, it is possible to place a 4.5 liter storage container (e.g. for toilet paper or litter) under the 6.5 liter solids container.

During production, we made sure that the northbox was light and yet extremely stable and durable. So you can also use it as a seat without any worries. We recommend the magnetic wooden cover .

Thanks to its light weight and the weatherproof aluminum box, it can be stored perfectly on the roof rack. Due to its compact dimensions, it fits on or in any vehicle.

The integrated stop keeps the opened lid in the air. This means that the lid does not have to be leaned against or placed somewhere.

The lid of the box is completely tight thanks to a silicone ring, the seams are sealed so that dust (IP56), odors or liquids cannot get in or out. The urine canister has a special membrane closure that ensures that the urine drains quickly and then stays where it is. This means that nothing can spill out even while driving through rough terrain.

The toilet seat made of coated birch plywood makes it easy to sit for a longer period of time and any droplets that fall can easily be wiped away.

The separating insert can be removed from the toilet seat and reinserted in just a few simple steps for cleaning. 


Emptying is incredibly easy. Once you have used the toilet several times, fold up the toilet seat with the separator insert, grab the urine canister and pour the contents into a drain. The solid bag is disposed of in the trash can. You can find out more about disposal under the FAQs.


  • Exterior material: aluminum
  • Toilet seat: coated birch plywood (FSC certified)
  • Separation insert: polyethylene (100% recyclable)
  • Urine tank: polyethylene (100% recyclable )
  • Solid container: Polyethylene (100% recyclable )

scope of delivery

  • Aluminum box
  • toilet seat
  • Separation insert
  • Urine tank including membrane closure
  • Solids container with its own lid
  • Storage container with its own lid

The lid, toilet seat and divider insert are firmly connected to the box.

The northbox will be delivered to you completely finished and ready for use.
No loose parts, no kit, no fiddling.

Delivery time: approx. 20 days

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Manfred Klement - PickupCamper-Schwaben
Topp Verarbeitung

Wir bieten die Northbox unseren Kunden optional mit unseren GEOCamper Wohnkabinen an. Den Kunden gefällt die saubere Verarbeitung und der universelle Nutzen als zusätzliche Sitzgelegenheit oder Podest. Bei beengten Raumverhältnisse ein wichtiger Pluspunkt.

Erster Eindruck

Genial einfach & funktionell. Nicht billig, weder in der Ausführung noch in den Anschaffungskosten. Also preiswert im Wahrsten Sinn des Wortes. Anwendung folgt in ca. 8 Monaten - bin noch beim Ausbau unseres Overland Land Rovers

Markus B.
Hervorragende Verarbeitung und sehr gut durchdacht.

Hallo liebes Northbox Team ,

erstmal vielen Dank für den super Service und den raschen Informationsaustausch .

Euer Produkt die Northbox Expedition hat eine hervorragende Verarbeitung und ist sehr gut durchdacht !

Thomas A.
Bin begeistert!

Habe die Box jetzt seit 3 Wochen mit auf Tour.
Super Konzept, handwerklich und gestalterisch sehr gut umgesetzt!